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Tom Doyle, Co-Chair (He/him)

Senior Scientist (Coastal and Marine)
Gadigal and Bidjigal country

Tom Doyle is a senior scientist (coastal and marine) within the Science, Economics and Insights Division of the NSW Department of Planning and Environment (DPE), with experience that also spans university, private and local government sectors. His research interests are focused on the geomorphology and eco-morphodynamics of the coastal zone and his research covers a range of topics from foredune morphology and ecology, dune evolution through time, coastal processes, human impacts of coastal systems, to the monitoring of various coastal environments using GIS and remote sensing techniques. Tom currently co-leads the state-wide science program for DPE, which aims to collect high resolution data (inc. waves, and seabed mapping) to underpin NSW coastal management (inc. CMPs). Tom is co- chair of the AusYCSEC 2023 National Organising Committee.

Ruby Hammond, Co-Chair (She/her)

Environmental Science and Management (Honours)

Ruby Hammond is currently in her final year studying a Bachelor of Environmental Science and Management at the University of Newcastle (Honours). Her primary studies are in the coastal and sediment area. She currently works as a research assistant for Dr Micheal Kinsela on an ongoing research  project. Ruby also assists PhD students conducting fieldwork and data collection in the coastal science area. She has additional interests in marine biology, climate drivers, rehabilitation, GIS and coastal adaptations. Ruby is the Co-chair for the AusYCSEC 2023 National Organising Committee. 

Hannah Power (She/her)

Associate professor & coastal scientist

Hannah Power is an Associate Professor in Coastal and Marine Science in the School of Environmental and Life Sciences at the University of Newcastle. Her research interests are focussed on the geomorphology and hydrodynamics in the coastal zone and her research covers a wide range of topics from breaking wave hydrodynamics on sandy beaches, to geomorphic change on coral reefs through time, to tsunami inundation modelling. Hannah is a Science Technology Australia 2021 Superstar of STEM and was awarded the NSW Young Tall Poppy Award in 2021. Hannah is also the founder of the Australasian Young Coastal Scientists and Engineers Conference series. 

Paul Donaldson

Coastal Management Professional
Paul is a coastal management professional at the NSW Department of Planning and Environment, with experience that spans university, the private sector and government. He enjoys working on complex coastal management issues that require strategic thinking, technical knowledge and stakeholder collaboration. Paul’s research interests are focussed on coastal geosciences, including the interaction of  coastal processes and landforms (morphodyamics), the long term (Quaternary) evolution of coastal landscapes and the application of environmental geophysics to coastal science and management. Paul has been part of the Australasian Young Coastal Scientists and Engineers Conference series since its inception in 2020. Paul is co-chair of the AusYCSEC 2022 National Organising Committee.

Cristina Viola (She/her)

Coastal Scientist

Cristina has a background in coastal engineering and sciences. She recently completed her PhD, focused on the impact of synoptic and large-scale climate processes on sea level variability. She is a scientist at the NSW Department of Planning and Environment, where she investigates current and future trends of coastal wetlands within NSW estuaries using statistics, GIS, and numerical models. 

Elise Buller (She/her)

bachelor of SCIENCE (HONours)
awabakal country

Elise is a first year PhD student at the University of Newcastle supervised by Dr Hannah Power and Dr Michael Kinsela. Her PhD project is investigating headland bypassing on the NSW coastline. She completed her Honours year in June 2023 where she researched the geomorphology, sedimentology and tsunamigenic hazard of her study site offshore Yamba, NSW, Australia. Elise is interested in coastal processes, sediment transport and hazards to our coastlines. She loves being at the beach and in the salt water in any way she can. Elise is the Co-Chair of the AusYCSEC2024 National Organising Committee.

Michael Rosenthal

Coastal Consultant

Michael works in the consulting sector with a focus on coast and estuary management and adaptation. His passion lies in managing coastal environments and their catchments, including marine, open coast, and estuarine areas. His work sits at the intersection of technical, policy, and community perspectives and understanding the importance of incorporating multiple stakeholders’ knowledge and input to achieve successful outcomes. He loves surfing, snorkelling, ocean swims and camping by the beach. You can catch him at your favourite beach with his family, including their dog Milo. He has been supporting the AusYCSEC 2023 conference as a member of the organising committee.

Courtney Davies (She/her)

Project Officer

Courtney currently works as a project officer at the NSW Department of Planning and Environment, providing technical advice and guidance on coastal management projects within the Hunter Central Coast region. She has a background in GIS and ecology and is passionate about threatened species and ecosystem management. She is currently also completing a Certificate III in Outdoor Leadership and hopes to use the skills she learns in the course to provide informative and engaging community and stakeholder education during site visits to various environments. Courtney is assisting with merchandise and website production for the AusYCSEC 2023 National Organising Committee. 

Katie Wilson

PhD Candidate

Katie joined WRL as a PhD candidate in March 2022 to research “Long-range forecasting of coastal hazards on wave-dominated coastlines”. Katie’s research aims to provide a seasonal to annual forecast of coastal hazards such as erosion to quantify risks for wave-dominated coastlines with a goal of providing seasonal coastal climate outlooks. This research will help governing bodies to accurately assess coastal risks over the following year, allowing to adapt coastal management plans before hazards occur. Being able to follow a lifelong passion for the ocean and environment that began with nippers at five and continues with surfing and kayaking along with a career in coastal management has always been Katie’s dream and they are stoked to be able to follow it.Katie is the diversity representative for the AusYCSEC2023 National Organising Committee.

Madelaine Broadfoot

Scientist / PhD Student

Maddy is a recent PhD candidate with the School of Environmental and Life Sciences at the University of Newcastle, investigating the relationship between tidal dynamics and entrance geometries of estuaries. Prior to starting her PhD Maddy worked as a consultant for 3 years at BMT specialising in coastal and flood modelling. Maddy has been part of the Australasian Young Coastal Scientists and Engineers Conference series since its inception in 2020.

Dr. Tom Murray (He/him)

Coastal Researcher
bundjalung, yugambeh and quandamooka countries

Dr Tom Murray is an Early Career Researcher and Research Fellow at the Coastal and Marine Research Centre – Griffith University. Located on the Gold Coast campus, Tom is a field scientist whose main interests include coastal geomorphology, coastal oceanography, rip current research and surf research. 

Kendall Mollison

Post Doctoral Researcher

Kendall Mollison completed her PhD in 2021 and is currently working as a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Newcastle. Her primary research focus is understanding tsunami risk for the south-east Australian coastline from submarine landslide sources through geomorphological, sedimentological, and numerical modelling investigations.  Kendall has been on the national organising committee for the Australasian Young Coastal Scientists and Engineers Conference series since its inception.

Molly Walker

Environmental Engineer and Scientist

Molly is an Environmental Engineer and Scientist at the NSW Department of Planning and Environment who focuses on Coastal and Environmental Water management for the Hunter Central Coast region, with experience that spans construction, ecology and drinking water management. Molly enjoys achieving positive environmental outcomes that solve complex issues and put stakeholder collaboration at the forefront. Her career interests include GIS mapping, data science, hydrological modelling and project management. Molly is sponsorship coordinator for the AusYCSEC 2023 National Organising Committee

Mikayla Crossley (She/her)

Final Year Undergraduate

Mikayla is currently in her final year studying a Bachelor of Coastal and Marine Science at the University of Newcastle. She initially studied marine science but has since broadened her study focus to specialise in the physical processes of coastal science. Mikayla works within the School of Environmental and Life Science at the University of Newcastle as a research assistant primarily conducting coastal fieldwork and data collection. She also has an interest in GIS, coastal processes, reefs and cetaceans.